AOL's City's Best: Chatting w/ Korilla's 3d Song


Korilla BBQ is representing Korean food hard in today's edition of In The Press. Now say kimchi! Here are a couple of textbytes:

How is Korilla different from Kogi in L.A.? 

I think the question is better answered by comparing how it is similar. We both use the same vehicle: tortillas and tacos. Some people take just that fact alone and think we're doing Korean-Mexican food aka Kogi, but we're Korean on the inside and Mexican on the outside. I don't blame people when they judge a book by its cover. 

Why will New Yorkers fall for Korilla? 

New Yorkers will fall for Korilla because there is nothing to fall for. It's like being priceless because we're free. And by free, I mean that as a 25 year old, I'm just trying to spread the good word about Korean barbecue, bringing something different and genuinely awesome in a way that resonates with my birthplace -- St. Vincent's Hospital.

What is it about kimchi that makes it so versatile?
Kimchi is so versatile because it literally means pickled in Korean. Just as the German sauerkraut is great on hot dogs, guess what? Red and summer radish is even better because not only is it pickled, but it has a refreshing bite to it. Or take the kosher pickle. Korean hamburgers with sliced cucumber kimchi are a flavor and texture bomb in your mouth that a kosher pickle can never accomplish. If it could, it would be kimchi. 

Some tough questions in there from our buddy Nick Gill. You better watch your back Larry King! Check out the full interview over there.